Computation of earnings per share


For the period ended 30 June   2011  
R million   Audited  
Earnings attributable to equity holders   570  
Headline earnings attributable to equity holders 525  
Number of shares in issue (millions) 1 486  
Weighted average number of shares in issue (millions) 493  
Earnings per share (cents) 115,6  
Diluted earnings per share (cents)* 114,2  
Headline earnings per share (cents)  106,4  
Diluted headline earnings per share (cents)* 105,0  
Dividend per share (cents)  
  Interim 22,8  
  Final 33,7  
  Total 56,5  
Dividend cover (relative to headline earnings) 1,9  

* The diluted earnings calculations give cognisance to the adjustments made by Discovery and MMI Holdings in similar calculations. These adjustments have no impact on RMI Holding's diluted weighted average number of shares.