Approach to integrated reporting

This is RMI Holdings’ second annual integrated report as required in terms of King III. Currently limited guidance is available on integrated reporting, especially given the focused and specialised nature of RMI Holdings’ business model as an investment holding company. The approach to integrated reporting will evolve as the investor community moves towards the formalisation of a framework for integrated reporting. An appropriate framework is expected by late 2013.

RMI Holdings does not believe integrated reporting had a significant influence on how the business was run, but it led to a more cohesive approach to reporting by connecting the information provided in the financial statements, corporate governance report, sustainability report and other management commentary.

We are mindful of the fact that every page we add to this annual report results in six thousand additional pages being printed. Significant elements of the disclosure have already been made by our subsidiaries and associates and rather than replicating the information, we have chosen to refer stakeholders to the annual reports of our investee companies.